Our Approach

Central Florida DAWG was born out of a love of our pets and training experience. We strive to make sure every class is accessible to all fitness levels and welcomes every type of puppy. We understand that sometimes getting fit and healthy isn't all that fun, and want to change that by incorporating the unconditional love and motivation of your pets.

We believe every squat is that much easier when you've got doggy kisses waiting for you at the bottom.

Meet the Team

Central Florida DAWG was started by a team of local pet lovers and small business owners.

Garry Stevens

Personal Trainer

Garry is a certified personal trainer and owner of G Fitness and Nutrition LLC. He has two dogs, Cherokee and Iroquois that he trained himself from 8 weeks.

Tara Brock

Dog Trainer

Tara is a dog trainer and owner of All-Star Dog Trainers. You can find her at Dew Drop Park with her great dane, Albus Dumbledog.

Trish Burgs

Dog Groomer

Trish is a pet groomer and owner of Grooms Unleashed. Her dog Peaches loves to hang out with her at work and at DAWG fitness classes.

Next Steps...

We can't wait to meet you! Sign up for a class today and have fun getting fit!